Detailed Description

Disc One: Bite Inhibition; Dog-Dog Aggression: classifications, tarzans, proximity sensitivity
Disc Two: Dog-Dog Aggression: proximity sensitivity con't, bullying, play skills deficits, predatory drift; Levels of Certainty; Play: why dogs play, what is play, triggers, development & evolution, function, normal play
Disc Three: Dog-Dog Resource Guarding: introduction, treatment, prevention, levels of warning; Fear and Aggression: function, influences
Disc Four: Fear and Aggression: treatment overview; Aggression to Strangers; Medication; Trainer Liability & Protection; Dog-Human Resource Guarding: function, taking a bite history, warning signals, management, making a hierarchy, types of guarding; Treatment: operant & classical methods
Disc Five: Treatment: operant & classical methods cont'd, hierarchy design problems, execution problems, parameter juggling