A Puppy Parenting Session for the Veterinary Facility
Comprehensive Curriculum Manual for Instructors

Puppy Parenting

This Curriculum Manual gives you detailed plans for running a 90-minute puppy parenting session that is sure to please! FOR DOG TRAINERS this is a terrific way to build relationships with local clinics and gain puppy class registrants. FOR CLINIC STAFF this is a much more efficient way of educating puppy parents on behaviour and training basics. Stop squeezing it all into jam packed vaccine appointments and start teaching clients in a fun & relaxed group setting!

The Manual will teach you how to cover the 6 key puppy topics in a single session:
Nipping, Food Guarding, Housetraining, Chewtoys, Socialization and Obedience


The DVD manual is organized in five sections:

  1. Detailed instructions for each activity including recommended time allotments
    This section prepares you to teach the class
  2. A quick reference guide to use when teaching
  3. An appendix with additional information on various topics
  4. Video examples from actual puppy parenting sessions
  5. Information sheet for clients designed to fit right into their puppy vaccine booklet

Cost: only $89 CDN including shipping within North America