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June 2, 2008 Reviewer: Janis Mikelberg, CPDT

Jennifer's Kinderpuppy Course is the most comprehensive program I've ever seen. Not only does it cover all the essential elements (and more) of running an effective puppy program, it is presented in a manner that makes it almost impossible to mess up!

It is a nuts to bolts comprehensive guide to running a successful program that you can use in its entirety or select elements that you like and easily incorporate them into an existing program.

She includes great tips, resources, homework - truly anything you could possibly want to run a class.

Well worth the cost.


  June 2, 2008 Reviewer: Terry Blaine

Dr. Messer calls her puppy class manual for instructors and trainers, “Kinderpuppy”. Jennifer has designed it to be the most complete and easy to follow Puppy Class learning system available anywhere.

It comes jam-packed with easy-to-follow course material. You'll get step by step instructions that will teach you how to enrich or develop new methodology in to your own training program. Truly one of the best informational products on the market today.

Without a doubt this course has the most up to date, and scientific training techniques available for any trainer. Whether you are just starting out in training puppies or you are experienced dog trainer, you will want to have this program as one of your major training tools.

Well done Jennifer, thank you for making your course available to all of us.

Terry Blaine
Head Trainer & Behaviour Specialist
Dog Ranch Canine Training & Information Centre
APDT # 73328

'Training with compassion and kindness can be more effective than teaching with pain or fear'.


  May 19, 2008 Reviewer: Linda Bane

A cheerful, human-friendly curriculum that even includes allotted time for activities, so that you can plan your class. Both general class management tips and specific exercises are included. The hand-outs are great. I felt confident in using the material knowing that it was recommended by both Dunbar and Donaldson. Spendy, but you'll recoup the price with your first or second class!


February 23, 2008 Reviewer: Christina Hilliard, CPDT 

Having done private in-home sessions previously, I'm intending on starting up a puppy class and was looking for a basic curriculum as a guideline to get started. This is much more than I had hoped for. It not only provides a basic curriculum, but even offers more options of instructions or games you could include, so there is flexibility offered based on the trainer's time, experience and space. This is really worth the money for trainers that want to start off successfully and keep their classes effective but fun for their clients and puppies.


February 8, 2008 Reviewer: Sue Alexander

Having had the pleasure of taking puppy classes from Dr. Messer and having taught this course many times, I can honestly say that it doesn't get better than this. Up to date, fun and full of useful tips, this course will benefit both the novice instructor and the more advanced instructor.

Sue Alexander CPDT CDBC
Dogs in the Park
Guelph Ontario